A Title is an in-game reward in the form of a prefix or a suffix appended to the character's name.

The prefix and suffix titles are displayed along with the character's name, over the character's head.

For example, "Sorcerer Gandalf the White" would be displayed for a wizard character named Gandalf using the prefix "Sorcerer" and the suffix "the White".

Titles can be obtained through various ways, including :

  • Alternate Advancement
  • Epic quests
  • Expansion Beta
  • Faction
  • GM Events
  • Legends of Norrath Loot Cards
  • Marketplace
  • Raids
  • Tradeskills

Click Shift+T in game to see the titles available to your character. At character creation, a suffix is made available based on the server where the character is being created.

Lists of available titlesEdit

See Prefix Title for a list of available prefix titles.

See Suffix Title for a list of available suffix titles.

See alsoEdit

Surname is another way to customize a character's name.

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