Tranus Ironstove

Located in Plane of Knowledge

Tranus Ironstove (Baking Supplies)Edit

Located in:

Plane of Knowledge


  • Binelen’s Quick Treats
  • Binelen’s Succulence
  • Ghumim’s Classical Dishes
  • Ghumim’s Delights
  • Mixxy’s Delicacies Vol. 1
  • Mixxy’s Delicacies Vol. 2
  • Rohand’s Edibles
  • Rohand’s Sea Treats
  • Sorin’s Tasty Kills
  • Sorin’s Treats on the Go
  • Vaashar’s Sweet Revenge
  • Vaashar’s Sweet Treats
  • Xectia’s Favored Flavors
  • Xectia’s Hot Pie


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