Tunare: The Mother of AllEdit

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Tunare is the creator and mother of all elves. Tunare's followers believe, despite what any one else thinks, that Tunare is the mother of all living things. They understand that not everyone accepts this ideology, but is their goal to protect and preserve the living, breathing world they inhabit.

Even though she is not a jealous goddess, most of the the good elves, the Wood Elves of Kelethin and the High Elves of Felwithe, still honor her. As a nature goddess, many Wood Elves follow the path of Druid or Ranger to better protect all living things, but the High Elves prefer the more dignified forms of worship offered by the Cleric and Paladin. She does not discriminate against Half Elves either, though not even she can teach those inherently rebellious and flighty beings the way of the Cleric. A few Human Bards  are also inspired by the sounds of the natural world, and honor her.

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