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Velious is a continent introduced in the expansion The Scars of Velious.

In ages past, the great crystalline dragon Veeshan chose Norrath as home for her brood, clawing the earth and creating great scars in which she deposited them, to grow and flourish. In later times, when ogres, giants and goblins had conquered much of the planet, their arrogance in attempting an assault upon The Plane of Earth brought retribution from The Rathe in the form of a great curse. The once fertile homeland of the giants was frozen along with those of its surviving inhabitants who were unable to flee. Only a group of shipwrecked dwarves managed to find their way beyond the Frigid Barrier to reach the icy continent of Velious, and they became the Coldain who were only recently rediscovered by the gnomes of Ak`Anon, with the help of their marvelous ship, the Icebreaker.

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