Quest Information Edit

This is the first quest you receive in Crescent Reach after speaking with Emissary Tinnvin.

Part of: Crescent Reach Quests

Steps Edit

  1. Find Masters' Hall down the path from Tinnvin. Train with your guildmaster if you wish.
  2. Speak with Initiate Dakkan near the Traveler's Nook in the city.
  3. Talk to Innkeeper Fathus in the Jade Dragon's Den in the city

Additional Text Edit

'Vasha, friend. Welcome to Crescent Reach, the diamond of the mountains. As a newcomer here I invite you to familiarize yourself with our fiar city. All youths should visit their guildmasters for training at the bottom of this path. Seek out Initiate Dakkan and Innkeeper Fathus. Dakkan has pleanty of work and Fathus will help you gain a good reputation with the Six -- our great dragons -- so that they might acknowledge you. Glory to Veeshan!'

Welcome to Crescent Reach, the diamond of the mountains. Emissary Tinnvin recommends that all youths visit their guildmasters. She also suggests you seek out Initiate Dakkan and Innkeeper Fathus for work. Glory to Veeshan, the Wurmqueen!

You catch on quickly! There is no doubt you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Rewards Edit

  • 3 Gold
  • Experience

Related Edit

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