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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location The Mines of Gloomingdeep



Xenaida is an NPC involved in the "Basic Training" quest, where you are sent for a mushroom; also she is the end NPC for the "Spider Tamer Gugan" quest.


Hail her, retrieve the mushroom nearby from the Mushroom Barrel or on the ground near it and trade it to her. Later when you get the flower from Spider Tamer Gugan trade it to her.


  • 'Greetings __. I need some mushrooms to finish my healing potion for the wounded slaves. I marked the location of some mushrooms on your map. Can you bring one to me? I'm rather busy here at the moment.'
  • 'Thanks! Very helpful.'
  • 'Thank you so much. We appreciate your help with this, it really is noted. Take this armor and good luck to you! Feel free to bring me more silks and I may have another piece for you.'


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Mushroom Barrel, Gloomingdeep Mushrooms, Spider Tamer Gugan

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